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You’re buying a great product!

The Cutting Horse™ is an engineering marvel!

The Cutting Horse™ is a folding, wooden sawhorse of incredible strength. No one can conceive of two 15 lb. sawhorses made of 1 x 4 lumber holding up a 3400 lb. bundle of plywood! The Cutting Horse’s load capacity is higher than any folding sawhorse—including metal sawhorses. It’s so good, we’re patenting it.

Its operation is simple.

We have tried to give you a well-engineered sawhorse that is foldable, sturdy and durable. Here is a collapsible sawhorse that folds to a nice 5 inches profile. That means you can carry it in your truck or neatly tuck it away in your garage.

Its construction tested!

There have been Cutting Horse™ sawhorses out on job sites working 5 days a week for over 4 years now. They are just as strong as they were on day one. They’re still helping craftsmen achieve “Shop quality accuracy in the field.” And they’re MADE IN THE USA! — helping make America great again!

Rugged, Sturdy, Strong.

That’s the way users have described them. In short, these lightweight, folding, wooden, sawhorses are tough! Construction Tough! However, in contrast, people have described other folding sawhorses as fragile, wobbly, or weak.

They won’t wimp out on you.

Plastic and folding metal sawhorses are poor choices. Plastic sawhorses get brittle with sunlight and age and then crack or collapse. With folding metal sawhorses its parts get bent or they lose nuts, bolts or springs—and they’re done. But safety also comes into play, accidentally hitting a metal sawhorse can damage your blade, the sawhorse or you.

The Cutting Horse™ is an investment:

We have manufactured the Cutting Horse™ so that with reasonable care they will last you a lifetime! And then you can pass them on to your children.

A trusted companion.

The Cutting Horse™ sets up in seconds. After you use the Cutting Horse™ for a time, you’ll find that it is a trusted, work, saving partner!


With the Cutting Horse™ you have options. For instance, cutting paneling or plywood is a dream. Just use a 4 or 5 foot top rail, and all your sheet goods can be fully supported. And you can cut through the top rail because there are no metal parts. This helps a lot when you’re cutting sheet goods!

Better built.

In manufacturing the Cutting Horse™, we work to exacting tolerances and that is why it has such incredible strength.

The search is over.

Your search for a solid, well-built and reliable folding sawhorse is over— and if you don’t like it, send it back!

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